About Us

The Monbukagakusho Alumni Association of Pakistan (MAAP) is an organization of the scholars, scientists,doctors, engineers etc. who were awarded scholarships by the MEXT (Ministry of Gucci Totes Education, Science and Culture, Japan: Monbukagakusho) for higher studies in Japan. It was founded in 1996 in Islamabad.

The objectives of this organization were to develop contacts with the Monbukagakusho scholars not only in Pakistan, but also in other countries, with the view of exchanging information of mutual benefit.

This organization would also contribute in strengthening friendly relationship between Pakistan and Japan. The organization periodically conducts Japanese language classes in Islamabad, provides guidance to the students on how to study in Japan, arranges an annual get-together for all the members, publishes a bi-annual newsletter, in addition to collaborating with the Embassy of Japan and the Pakistan-Japan Cultural Association in arranging cultural functions.