MAAP Donation to the Japanese affectees of earthquake and tsunami affectees (11th March 2011)

MEXT Alumni Association of Pakistan (MAAP) is a group of highly educated professionals who got their higher education from Universities in Japan. Member of MAAP belongs to prestigious national and private organizations in Pakistan and are actively engaged to promote peace and friendship with Japan through educational, cultural and professional means.

Dr. Zabta K. Shinwari(President of MAAP) expressed his heartfelt sympathies at the loss of the precious lives caused by devastating tsunami. All the MAAP members and the Embassy staff observed a minute long silence in the memory of the unfortunate people whose houses and belongings have been destroyed by the catastrophic calamity in Japan. He also presented a donation collected by the MAAP to the H.E. Mr. Ambassador for the tsunami victims to convey profound love for the Japanese people, as well as to articulate gratitude for the unabated and indefatigable help and assistance that the people of Pakistan have received from the Japanese government and the nation throughout all these years.