The Third (3rd) South Asian Region Japanese Language Speech Contest

The third (3rd) South Asian Region Japanese Language speech contest was organized by Japanese graduates Alumni Association of Sri Lanka (JAGAAS) in collaboration with the South Asian Federation of Japanese Alumni Association (SAFJUAA), the Japanese Language Teachers Association of Sri Lanka (JLTAS) and cosponsored by the Japan Foundation-India Office & the Embassy of Japan in Sri Lanka, on 23rd of March 2013 at Auditorium of Sasakawa memorial Hall, No. 4, 22nd Lane Colombo-03.

A three member delegation namely Prof. Dr. Khalid Rashid MAAP representative, Mr. Adil Farooq and Mr. Naveed, Japanese Language speech contestants, participated in the event. A lot of hard work, commitment and dedication was put in by MAAP General Secretary Mr. Zafar Mahmood in correspondence, selection of the above mentioned team.

The proceedings of the speech contest started at 9:30 hrs with the introductory remarks members about SAFJUAA Japanese Language speech contest by Mr. Munasinghe, immediate past president JAGAAS.

Following were requested to take the seats as judges for the speech contest which was divided in to two categories:

  • Senior Category and
  • Junior Category
  1. Mr. Katusma Doi Director General, Japan Foundation- India Office
  2. Mr. Hideki Ishizuka Deputy Head Mission, Embassy of Japan in Sri Lanka
  3. Mr. Daiji Sasai First secretary, Information and Cultural Affairs Embassy of Japan in Sri Lanka
  4. Ms. Chie Tanaka JICA Representative
  5. Mr. Tomonari Kuroda Japanese Language expert, University of Kelaniya

Mr. Tomonary Kuroda explained the rules of the contest. Contestants will have to face question answers after completing the speech.

Following Speeches were made in the senior category

  • In my experience, what Bangladesh can learn from Japan by Mr. Pallab Debnath from Bangladesh
  • Huh! Really a man by Ms. Dipanjana Dey from India
  • International Exchange by Mr. Bikram Lama from Nepal
  • Islamabad, worth to see by Mr. Adil Farooq Pasha from Pakistan
  • A sweet memory of first Japanese person I have met by Ms. Asitha Imali Liyanage from Sri Lanka.

In the junior category six speeches were made:

  • Importance of Language by Ms. Kosthuri Rizia from Bangladesh
  • Having interest by Mr. Sonam Rinchen from Bhutan
  • Social Media by Ms. Nithya Krovvidi from India
  • The view towards work by Ms. Sabina Maharajan from Nepal
  • Cultural Similarities of Japan and Pakistan by Mr. Naveed from Pakistan
  • Goodbye my beloved person by Ms. Moreesha Rajapaksha from Sri Lanka.

Speakers and audience were requested to join the refreshments and the Judges were given the time to finalize the results. Certificates and Shields were awarded to the contestants. Mr. Hideki Ishizuka Deputy Head Mission, Embassy of Japan in Sri Lanka Addressed the gathering and congratulated all the continents and participants for their interest. At the end, Dr. S. M. Punchibanda Vice president of JAGAAS thanked the guests, participants and officers of embassy of Japan and Japan Foundation.

Candle lighting ceremony at the start of the Speech Contest

Mr. Naveed from Pakistan delivering his speech in the junior category

Contestants with their certificates with Dr.Khalid Rashid

Group photo of 3RD South Asian region Japanese Language Speech Contest March 23, 2013

Dinner hosted by Embassy of Japan in Sri Lanka March 23, 2013